Creating Entertainment

For an ensemble cast working in a revue on a regular basis, change is often an essential element to keep their show popular with a returning audience. They might have a few standards they will never change, but much of their work is only considered temporary. Coming up with new skits every few weeks is one way they will vary the musical content, and it serves the purpose of giving audiences a reason to come back again and again. It might seem like a lot of fun to be in this position, but creating entertainment that will keep the house filled can be hard work.

Choosing the songs that will be performed is often the first step when writing new skits, and performers might select those songs they do best. It makes sense to favor them because they will be doing the same show at least eight to ten times per week. Finding songs that they can already sing is just one element that will enhance the final product.

The majority of songs tell a story, and those on stage will use that to add a connection to the song for the audience. While some of them will simply find a humorous song and play out the action, others might take a song without humor and spoof it. This choice will give their attendees a thrill as they realize they are being given more than they had hoped when sitting down.

Writing out skits, memorizing the lines and actions, and then performing the song note perfect are all part of rehearsals. For those cast members who have done the work, the stage is set for them to meet their admirers. Their musical revue will be judged on its entertainment value, and they hope the audience will love what the cast has managed to create as a team.