Song and Dance Routines


Taking the Concert Stage

Many vocal performers dream of singing in musical halls around the world. Their dream is to entertain a large audience with their vocal accomplishments. They...


Where the Musicians Relax

Those who perform music for a living love their work and are dedicated to it. They spend long hours perfecting their abilities and reviewing their...


Creating Entertainment

For an ensemble cast working in a revue on a regular basis, change is often an essential element to keep their show popular with a...


Vaudeville Then and Now

Just before the turn of the last century, Vaudeville became a popular stage entertainment. It was a series of acts performed on the stage by...

A revue is a stage act that consists of a group of skits, not necessarily related, that provides a base for songs to be performed. Many of these songs are done by a group of regular singers who are part of an ensemble cast. They are a troupe that does the regular stage shows for a small music house. Many of these performers are singers or actors waiting for their big break.

The beauty of a revue is that it is simply a series of song performances. Each skit is only a setup for the song itself. Because of this, the style of revues is relaxing and often comic in nature. The performers many times write their own skits and choose which songs they will perform. If a singer wants to do a solo song, this is often allowed. Attending a revue is a fun way to spend an evening.